Rebecca’s Story

Initially I sought Karen’s assistance to work through issues of immense grief I had suffered over a period of several years.  I needed help to deal with all the locked up emotions I knew were overwhelming and limiting me in my life.
With true devotion and intelligent sensitivity, Karen directed me through the steps of Time Line Therapy® and NLP. This was all new to me, however, I found it to be a comfortable experience and more simple than I had expected, resulting in much more than I could have ever thought to attain.
The wonderful potential that has unlocked within me and that I have connected with, is enabling me to confidently and comfortably rise to meet everyday and new challenges, to live my life feeling calm and in control.  Incredible new opportunities have entered into my life and life feels like a new beginning in many ways. The deep level of change has occurred slowly, it is still evolving and pleasantly surprising me. These results are profound and on-going. I highly recommend Karen to all who are seeking to be more comfortable and confident from within.
Thank you Karen for sharing your vast knowledge, patience and kindness, for your strong drive and desire to assist others to fulfil their potential, resulting in joyful, purposeful lives.


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