Karen’s Story

My name is Karen. I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. I have been struggling with rheumatoid arthritis for 17 ½ years now, ever since I was 24. It’s a long time to be suffering from a disease.

Whilst it is not life threatening it is life altering. It is an auto-immune disease which attacks the joints eventually causing the joints to erode. It has eroded my joints so much that I have had 5 of my joints replaced, both shoulders, both knees & a hip. I nearly have every joint in my body that has been affected.
Considering all of this I have managed to stay incredibly strong & positive.  I am married with 3 children. I have run my own business & really feel I have overcome many challenges in life and don’t let it beat me mentally. Yet I still found I couldn’t beat the disease…. hmmm!

I have been on medication all this time and have only managed to get myself off one of the 4 medications. This felt like a major hurdle & am really happy I did this, but in the past no matter what I tried and as much as I really, really wanted to I just couldn’t get off my other medications.

I do find that eating healthy, whole foods and finding foods that suit my body definitely is a benefit but it hasn’t been enough to get me in remission. When wanting to do something positive to change my situation I generally found myself at a dr who specialised in holistic medicine but generally after months of seeing them and a hole in my pocket I seemed to always walk away disappointed in the result.

I went to a health retreat that work held in July 2010. I sat and listened to an amazing holistic doctor who talked a lot about conscious & unconscious mind and spoke about her own battle with advanced cervical cancer and how she healed herself and it took her a bit more than a year, it was really inspirational and encouraging. Listening to her made me realise that deep down I was probably at the stage that I was having trouble believing that I would ever get better. It dawned on me that no matter how many more great doctors or holistic practitioners I went to I would probably not get much better because of a deep unconscious belief. I knew something had to change because let’s face it, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Months later I was at a friend’s party and got talking to Karen Clarke from Powerful Positive People. She said she could help me understand what was happening with my unconscious mind and how it was connected to my illness. I always had reacted badly with people telling me it was something I was creating but I decided I had tried many other things and failed and it was about time I needed to explore something different.
This was the beginning of my new journey…….
I now see EVERYTHING in a different way. Through sessions with Karen I discovered a whole lot about myself that I wasn’t even aware of, hence the unconscious mind, it was an absolute eye opener to me & now I can see with clarity that I CAN heal myself & I CAN get over this horrible disease and rid myself of medication once & for all!!!!
Follow my journey with my weekly blog and I will be implementing different strategies along the way to achieve my goal.

I want this to also be an encouragement to others who are suffering not only from disease but issues in their life that feel like they can never resolve. We all have the power to live a happy peaceful life no matter what we have and what we are going through.



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