Damien’s Story

         7 May 2009

I always thought that I had a grip on life and how I “felt” and “thought”, however in recent years and after several failed relationships, it came apparent to me particularly after my most recent break-up that I was not in control. I was lost, lonely and frustrated that my life was dull. Fortunately, my low ebb drew me to Karen and a new chapter to my life.

It was quit incredible how my life had change even after the first session of NLP.  Immediately there was a repaired link to my inner self….GOD, I didn’t even know I had an” inner self”….  Things became clear to me and all of a sudden my life was more than just two dimensional.

Amazingly It’s not that I FEEL DIFFERENT but that I ACTUALLY FEEL.  And how do I feel? Euphoric, maybe it’s an internal warmth, I’m not sure and it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that I feel at peace.

Thanks to Karen and her knowledge I am a different person, I now see attraction to my life and I  welcome challenges and look at opportunities to learn and know that I can deal with them with calm self awareness……I feel liberated.
Thank you again Karen,

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