Kylie’s Story

I asked friends and colleagues for a recommendation of who to see if you felt “held back” by old patterns and beliefs and the overwhelming response was Karen Clarke of Powerful Positive People.

I phoned Karen to explain I wanted to move forward with my life and having just lost my Dad needed some help working through some emotional and spiritual issues. Straight away I heard a woman who truly speaks/does/lives what she believes and provides in her business.

Using NLP tools but more importantly an innate empathy, gentleness and belief in every person’s unlimited power and potential, Karen has guided me through a life-altering breakthrough. I am constantly astounded by how I feel now – that little voice that says “you can’t” is quieter, my relationship with myself and my family has improved, my clarity is exquisite.

I went to Karen to move forward with ease, I was not prepared to LEAP FORWARD!



                             Kylie from

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