Karen Clarke




Karen was raised in the countryside in England but moved to the Ivory Coast, West Africa when she was 15. This early induction into international life taught her about the glaring difference and stunning sameness that is evidenced when you are deeply immersed in new cultures, languages and lifestyles. As a result Karen has a unique perspective of humanity, racism, isolation and the challenges that come with being culturally detached. During her 8 year stay Karen worked in administration and then management for a large American oil field supply boat company and in her earlier years also spent time on a Walt Disney movie.

As a consequence of these experiences  Karen has a deep love of diversity, change and action combined with a certain wanderlust and the confidence to take up exciting career and life opportunities. Karen has a keen interest in mindset and personal growth & development and has avidly studied human behavior, seeking alternative choices to pain and suffering.

Karen is a qualified Trainer of NLP and Master NLP Coach , a Master of Hypnosis and Master of Time Line Therapy® certified by the ABNLP and TLTA. Karen is also a lover of philosophy, poetry and an ardent Winnie the Pooh fan. She has been running a successful private practice specialising in Personal Breakthrough Sessions, runs trainings and workshops internationally, has a keen interest in the dynamics of bullying, and is devoted to assisting people to experience dynamic and sustainable positive change.

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