The Logic of Love

Posted by Karen  •  Monday, 12 September 2011

I have always been a fairly emotional person. When I was younger it was more pronounced, being the only girl, having 6 brothers and growing up in the North of England, I think I was inevitably going to be cast in the ‘over-sensitive’ role in the family. I was never going to be the tough one. At the time I thought it to be a great burden and an annoying inconvenience, especially through school as sensitivity is NOT an advantage there.

As a grown up (well sort of), I am more conscious of the value of my sensitivity and now use it intentionally. For one thing it makes me a much better coach and trainer as I find it easy to be attuned to the needs of my clients. I have also learned how to dim my radar down a little to help me circumnavigate this turbulent game we call life with a modicum of rationale.

During our last workshop we discussed the need for the balance of feminine energy within all of us and the value that sensitivity, empathy and intuition or gut feeling can bring.

We are hoping through our work to bring awareness back to emotional responsibility and the need to make decisions based on how life feels in conjunction with the logical mind based process we call thinking. Therein lies the seeds of success and happiness.

I would love to have your thoughts. Feel free to comment and share.

With Kindness,

Karen Clarke

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6 Responses to “The Logic of Love”

  1. As a Kinesthetic I feel my way through life Karen and like you I have had to learn to dim my radar a little or rather create a perception (quite rightly) that all outside emotions are outside and do not belong to me.

    So I can feel them without taking them on, during the phase when I had blocked them I felt disjointed with life, so this works so much better for me allowing me to feel my way through life without dulling or blocking it.

    I trust my feelings far more than I trust logic and the world would be so very dull without those roller coaster rides we take along with our emotional responses. I do not trust normal logic all that much as it is only based on what we know about something and we may not have all the facts to make a logical decision but our feelings will always steer us the right way if we listen to them. Not so much the surface fears etc.. but listen to the deep guidance within that is our navigation, our compass for life. xx

    • Karen says:

      Thank you Annie,

      You are quite right, the trick is to remain open and able to connect to others without becoming bogged down in everyone else’s “stuff”. A fine line for those of us who go about our day using our feelings as a guide.

      Wonderful thoughts.

  2. Krishna says:

    As I read your post and watch your video Karen, I was struck by the contrast that I have 6 brothers (but have only had a relationship with 1 of them, my adopted brother). I grew up feeling emotionally sensitive, but having nowhere to put it! Thankyou for giving us permission to feel……xx

  3. Sue Murphy says:

    Oh yeah!! I most certainly relate to you Karen. I’ve been told that I am a highly sensitive person. And I am. However instead of viewing that as a negative, I’ve learnt to realise it as a positive in my life. It makes me tuned into the needs of others and gives me an empathy and understanding for where theyre at in life and perhaps why.
    You know I love the way you think and feel very like minded.
    Thanks for this reminder to be ’emotionally responsible.’ Love it.

  4. kifile says:

    i am also delightful to ur books and again we all are waiting for u to publish all the best

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