From Bullied to Brilliant

‘From Bullied to Brilliant’ is a  refreshingly and rather unconventional way of problem solving in a world where bullying is commonplace and resources are few and far between. Discover how to rapidly end the cycle of bullying, dominance and intimidation and find your inner brilliance.

Are you a victim of bullying, or the parent of a victim? A surprisingly large percentage of our society have experienced intimidation, aggression and bullying.  Many  have fallen into the unpleasant, unnecessary and slippery trap of believing the bully and are now feeling unworthy or low in confidence and self-esteem.  Bullies themselves often don’t understand why they behave the way they do, and interestingly the feelings they experience, of social discomfort and a lack of confidence, are much the same as their victims.

Through a series of contributed case studies and also some of our own stories, we experience real life examples of bullying, intimidation or threat, and work to unravel the meaning behind it all, including:

  • What is a bully?
  • Why bullies attack
  • Five myths of bullying
  • Frenemies – the silent hostiles
  • Dream weavers  and dream stealers
  • Who is the REAL victim?

The life and teachings of Mohandas Gandhi are the primary inspiration for the methodologies we use, and his unwavering devotion to peaceful resistance and deep love of humanity is at the very core of our message. Our seven step process is named B-Gandhi in honour of the Mahatma’s life changing contribution to the world.

It’s time for you meet the friendly souls in this sometimes unfriendly world that have walked in your shoes, felt your pain and found themselves in the process. Know this dear one. You are not alone.

Karen Clarke
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