Dear Friend

Posted by Karen  •  Sunday, 23 March 2014
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Dear Friend,
When we married you held my hand,
You held my heart but most of all,
You held my trust,
We  vowed to love and cherish,
To have and hold,
To care for and love each other,
Till death us do part.
We dreamt the same dream,
Walked the same path and reached for the same goals,
You promised me the earth, the moon and the stars,
And I will always love you for that.
Then time passed……………
We  grew, we changed,
We are a family now, we have different pressures,
Life is complicated, challenging and sometimes hard,
We need each other more than ever,
We need to work hard to be a team,
To be together,
To make a home and to be in love.
But you no longer see me with the same eyes,
Your eyes have become clouded with worry and stress,
You do not see me, but I do see you.
I see a spark that is ebbing,
Dreams that are slipping away and goals that are forgotten,
I see a man without a mission or purpose,
A man without laughter or foolishness,
A man who blames life, his family, his wife and his work for how he feels inside,
A man who fails to notice that the one person he does not blame, is himself.
I see a man who manages his feelings by hiding them,
Even from himself,
But he cannot keep them hidden for long,
He cannot keep them hidden from me,
And when he cannot hold them in any longer,
He explodes.
022-A Day with the Browns (14)
But know this, dear friend of mine,
If you raise your voice and I cringe,
If I am afraid of what’s to come,
You have not done your job.
If I fear for you,
For myself or our children,
You have not done your job.
If you rage and scare me,
Use your hands instead of your words,
You have not done your job.
If you dominate and control me,
Tell me what to wear,
Who to see or what to do,
You have not done your job.
If our home is no longer a haven,
Our children no longer secure and your temper is your master,
You have not done your job.
If you use anger and aggression to communicate,
You have not done your job.
If you choose not to control yourself,
Not to protect your family,
You have not done your job.
Because love is more than a wish or a feeling,
Love is a demonstration,
Love is an act,
Love is a behaviour,
Love is a safe place.
You have broken your promises,
You have abandoned our dreams,
You have watched as your family slips away through the veil of your unhappiness.
Know this my friend,
You have it all,
I have waited for you,
We have all waited for you,
But time is slipping away,
You need to act now before it is too late,
We will not wait forever.
 Because sometimes love is says no,
Sometimes love is says it’s over,
Sometimes love is the person that pushes you away,
And I love you enough to push you, remind you and oppose you.
I love you too much to let this happen again.
It is time for you to become the man I know you can be,
It is time to take control of yourself,
It is time for you to love and protect the people who love you,
Who have always loved you,
It is time for you to remember who you really are.
It is time for you to do your job.
It is time.
With Love,
Your Best Friend
21 March 2014
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