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Karen Clarke

A Bit About Karen

Karen was raised in the countryside in England with her six brothers. Her family moved to the Ivory Coast in French speaking West Africa when she was 15 years old. There she experienced the glaring difference and stunning sameness that is evidenced when you are deeply immersed in new cultures, languages and lifestyles. As a result she gathered a unique perspective of humanity, racism, isolation and the challenges that come with being culturally detached. She ultimately found her connection with Africa and during her 8 year stay had several jobs in both administration and hospitality, worked on a Walt Disney film and eventually became Administration Manager for a large American oil field supply boat company.

She left West Africa in 1989, fluent in French, and returned to the Europe looking for inspiration. This formation has given Karen a deep love of diversity, change and action combined with a certain wanderlust and the confidence to take up exciting career and life opportunities.
Karen has a keen interest in mindet, spirituality and personal growth & development and has avidly studied human behavior, seeking alternative choices to pain and suffering. She has three children, has been married to Wayne for 20 years and lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.
Karen is a qualified Trainer of  NLP and Master NLP Coach , a Master of Hypnosis and Master of  Time Line Therapy® certified by the ABNLP and TLTA. Karen is also a lover of philosophy, poetry and an ardent Winnie the Pooh fan. She has been running a successful private practice specialising in Personal Breakthrough Sessions, has a keen interest in the dynamics of bullying, and is devotedly assisting her clients to experience dynamic and sustainable positive change.

Wayne Clarke

A Bit About Wayne

Wayne was raised in Sydney Australia with four sisters, a hard working, traditional Australian father and a Maori/Fijian mother. He grew up in a very multi-cultural suburb and loved the diversity and the people. This became a powerful education in understanding and appreciating the challenges and sacrifices required for new Australians to achieve their goals. He was inspired by the fact they did all this seemingly with no effort and great enjoyment.

At 17, he gave up the option of a career in rugby league and the offer of a scholarship, and instead focused on finishing high school and travelling overseas. His goal was to learn everything he could and to make the most of the opportunity. He worked first in a New Zealand ski resort, then headed for London where he worked in newspaper advertising, and eventually he ended up in France as Bar Manager for an English holiday company in Les Deux Alpes ski field. There he met his future wife, business partner and best friend Karen. He then found work as a labourer for a traditional French stone mason, learned french, stone masonry, and the workings of Frenchmen’s minds, and he also realised that whatever he put his mind to he could achieve and have fun doing it.

After another ski season in France and a brilliant wedding, he and Karen travelled to Australia and there he became a qualified carpenter. Karen and Wayne then applied to Qantas, and were were hired as the first married couple to be recruited as Cabin Crew in the same intake. Karen left after 10 years with baby number three on the way and he has now been with Qantas for 17 years, the past 11 as Customer Service Manager.

Qantas has given him an incredible insight into leadership, human behaviour and how to manage and implement group change, whilst maintaining a positive and forward thinking mindset.  He is a qualified Master NLP Coach, a Master of Hypnosis and Master of Time Line Therapy(R) certified by ABNLP and TLTA which, when embraced with a clear focus, has given him the energy and creative space to do what he wants. Wayne says “Making personal change and challenges is a buzz, but assisting people, including my kids, through real Dynamic Change is Transforming”.

Click here for a quick video clip about Wayne’s presentations http://youtu.be/4ACBEhY6tnU

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